GK TEMPLE VIEW - Property Description
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GK TEMPLE VIEW a single block apartment of 5 floors, with 20 units, has built up area ranging from 980 Sft to 1175 Sft. The skilful Engineers, Landscape Architects and best construction team ensure a quality construction for your dream home. The evolvement of an engrossing dream of a home where gracious lifestyle blossoms and blooms provides joy and contentment in life. This home is at the adobe at foot hills of the lord aptly called GK Temple View. The location is an enthralling environment of calm serenity and presence of the divine ambience. GK TEMPLE VIEW from the word go wanted to be different from its peers. Be the architectural design that stands out with simple yet very modern streaks in to the future. With balcony, large living room, hearty open spaces and find detailing that suits a high living. It has in its mind the one unique feature that goes beyond all its other impressive characters is the trusted quality in construction. 

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